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She is soooo funny and kinda cool. I like Jenna and Alex, too, because I'm a prankster myself Like meee! I'm like Grace and like Alex. I love soccer! And tennis. And swimming. These books are totally my fave ones. My fave fave fave book is Fun and Games. Jenna and David are kinda cute together. Thumps up!!!!!! I've nearly read all the books, and I'm addicted to it! If it was a TV series, it would be my fave progamme! Hey, my name is Chelsea. I am absolutely in love with the Summer Camp Secrets books.

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I hope I can get the next one soon Party Time! Hi I'm Aisha. I totally love Summer Camp Secrets books! They are the best books I have ever read!! My favourite books of them are Just My Luck because it is so cool and I felt soooo sorry for Jenna when she broke her leg and couldn't compete in colour war and then all the pranks happened and she got blamed for them.

My other favourite book is Three's A Crowd because Tori made her first appearance there and it was about three of my favourite characters - Alyssa, Natalie and Tori! My favourite characters are Alyssa, Natalie, Tori and Grace. Although I had just read some, I'm determined to find some more to read. My favorite character is Grace. Alyssa is my second favorite character. I am a lot like her, when I took the test, the character in my result was Grace. The books are really interesting and I hope you will make some more.

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Actually, when I visited the website, I found more books than I thought there were. When I started reading your books, I just couldn't stop reading. Well, I want to get every single book from the Summer Camp Secrets series. I hope to find some more books. I love Best Friends, it's one of my favourites. I absolutely love it! My name is Jo but I am a girl.

I just love your books Melissa! They're awesome!

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I have some of the books and I want the whole collection!!!!! Please write some more. Continue the story of Camp Lakeview. I soooooooooo want the whole collection but the six books have not come out but I want 'em. I love your books. Hi, I just love these books!

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My friend picked one up at the school library and I just loved it and now I am getting the full collection and I just loved it when Tori and Jordan were not friends because they were always separate. I love all the fans out here. See ya! I'm Fliss, and oh my god I love your books, Melissa!!!!! I love every single one of your series, even though I have my favourite. Jenna is my favourite character.

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  • Like when they're in sixth division, and one of them or some of them are struggling with the responsiblities? I just can't get enough! Hope to hear of more books! Fliss :. ANYway, Melissa, pleeeeaaaaasssseeee can you write more books like the story of the rest of the girls lifes eg: Natalie grows up to be a superstar, just like her dad, and marries some footballer, or something, in all separate books? S: Alex, I am the biggest fan here!!!! I absolutely love Summer Camp Secrets!!!

    I have the whole set of books!! I love the story line and all of the characters are so cool!!! I just wish there was a camp like this in the UK!! I feel like I'm in the camp whilst I read the books!! I would be friends with everybody, but especially Grace because we are so much alike!!

    Also Jenna because I love pranks :D I would love to go to camp but I can't really afford it, so me and my friends just camp out in my back yard, it's still fun!! I'm gonna ask my mom to get me Hide and Shriek, it looks really mysterious, kinda like me. I love the characters, drama, setting and so much more. I've read all the Summer Camp Secrets books and it's one of those series that you want it to go on for eternity!!! I really hope Melissa writes more.

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    My favourite book so far is Fun and Games. My two favourite people are Natalie and Grace. I like Natalie because I am super girly and love make-up and clothes and fashion magazines like her. Hi i haven't read hide n shriek but i want to it sounds so cool.

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    So far my fave book is prankster queen it is fun all the pranks. My fave character is Natalie i like her she's cool with her dad and stuff!!! My name's Eleanor but call me Ellie. I have only really read 1 book but from that 1 book I already love these stories. I get the books from Guille-Alles library in Guernsey. Hi, They are the best. I understand completely On Thin Ice because it happened to me i was invited on a weekend trip with my friend but then it was on the same weekend as our Disco so i had to leave my friend out but we kept contact and now the girl who i didn't go with is now my BFF.

    I'm Flavia, and I love these books so much! I own the entire collection, and I love reading them over and over again : What I like the most about them is that I can relate to everything that's happening to the characters, they've happened to me too.

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    My favorite character is Natalie because, like her, I'm into fashion, I'm a city girl and a girly girl too. I've recommended these books to every single one of my friends : xoxo.

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    I wish i could go to a camp just like this so that i can hv friends from other countries that wld be totally FAB!!! Anyways i only hv one suggestion I think my favourite character is Alyssa as she is arty, funky and out going just like me! I also relate to Natalie as she is a real city chick and that is totally me!! These books are amazing and tackle real issues! Best Friends really helped me as i was struggling to read and myself and my friends have a bookclub now! I can now read well and am top in class!!

    These books are better than Twilight and any other franchise that has hit the shelves recently! Thank you Melissa! One question though I have read all of summer camp secrets- they are fantastic. My fave character is Natalie and Grace in the summer camp secrets best friends? I like the end bit because they go to wet world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your books and I hope you make more of these!!