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So many open wounds that need a bandage. So many who are searching for a tiny ray of sunshine. The sun is big, bright and bossy. Does it allow a sky full of clouds to steal the day? No way. There is still light that leaks through and enables us to see the many beautiful things around us. When visiting with many around me who seem to be overwhelmed by the gray skies of life, I realized I had to do something.

It seems like when I do such, I always turn up empty-handed.

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I had to be bold and remember my role—the one inspired by my favorite nickname— be the Sunshine that peeks through the clouds. I was meant to bring Sunshine.

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Thanks, Dad. I am an educator who values the individuality and uniqueness of others. En route, he meets fellow train passenger Victoria Aragon, a graduate student whose Mexican-American family owns a vineyard in the Napa Valley.

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When Victoria is accosted by two men on their bus to Sacramento, Paul intervenes and ends up beating up the men in self-defense. After all three men are kicked off the bus as a result, Paul finds a crying Victoria alone, further down the road. When he learns she is pregnant by her professor, Paul offers to introduce himself to her very traditionalist family as her husband.

Victoria's father, Alberto, is infuriated, not only that she married a man below her social standing, but without his permission as well. Paul's initial plan to quietly slip away and continue on his journey, leaving her family to believe he abandoned her, is derailed when her grandfather, Don Pedro, encourages him to stay and help with the harvest. During the harvest, Paul an orphan grows closer to the family and learns the joys that come with their tradition, roots, and way of life.

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He and Victoria try to ignore their growing attraction and feelings for each other, but with little success. However, his honor prompts him to attempt to salvage his marriage and return home, but when he does he discovers Betty is involved with another man.

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She has applied for an annulment , to which he happily agrees, and he returns to the Aragon estate to ask Victoria to marry him. When Paul returns, an argument with an angry and drunk Alberto leads to a disastrous fire which destroys the vineyard.

However, Paul remembers one plant that may still have its roots intact, races off to retrieve them, and bring them back to the family. The disaster as well as Paul's bravery and dedication during it has brought Alberto to realize his errors, so when Paul returns with the plant, Alberto accepts him, telling him that this is "his family" and "his roots".

They set out to replant and rebuild with the help of their newest member.

Principal photography took place on location among the wineries of Napa Valley and in the towns of Napa, St. Helena, and Sonoma. The St. In Sonoma, the Haywood Vineyards was also used. The film score was written by Maurice Jarre , and included four songs:.

Appearance of the Sun and the Moon seen through clouds.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four out of four stars, his highest rating, writing:. A Walk in the Clouds is a glorious romantic fantasy, aflame with passion and bittersweet longing. One needs perhaps to have a little of these qualities in one's soul to respond fully to the film, which to a jaundiced eye might look like overworked melodrama , but that to me sang with innocence and trust At a time when movies seem obligated to be cynical, when it is easier to snicker than to sigh, what a relief this film is!

A couple of turns of plot—including the histrionic ending—seem less magical than overwrought, but A Walk in the Clouds is for the most part a beautiful, well-acted and emotionally rich picture In this very warm-hearted film, Reeves' face is the movie's focus of kindness and decency—and he stands up to scrutiny. There's not just sweetness there but depth.

On the other hand, Hal Hinson of the Washington Post called it "a phenomenally atrocious movie—so bad, in fact, that you might actually manage to squeeze a few laughs out of it The film has the syrupy, Kodak magic-moment look of a Bo Derek movie, and pretty much the same level of substance.

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