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Should You Break Up With Your Partner During the Holidays?

Why or why not? Couple talking iStock.

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CS : If you decide to proceed with a holiday breakup, what is the most tactful way to do it? AM: Always break up with someone face to face. People react differently in private than they do in public, so leverage that tendency.

The ultimate guide to surviving a break-up over Christmas

Never break up over text, email or phone — if you can help it. Be kind and generous.

This is not the moment to point fingers or blame your partner. Also, be firm and clear.

A female client of mine, Sasha, came to see me distraught as this year she would not have her two young children for 10 days including Xmas Day and Boxing Day. All the talk about Christmas with the mums at the school gates was making her feel like the odd one out and she was fed up of putting on a brave face. A newly divorced male client of mine recently explained that for the last 12 years he has always cooked the Christmas lunch for his family and then on Boxing Day he always cooked a goose. They were spending it with his ex-wives family this year and he would have to wait until next year to spend Christmas Day with his kids.

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He had been enjoying this routine for so many years that he could not imagine Christmas without his children. A close friend of mine, Emma, was dumped by her boyfriend out of the blue and she was terrified of spending the Christmas holidays alone.

Fire and Rescue NSW Band - Christmas Breakup 2016

The ultimate guide to surviving a break-up over Christmas Two weeks before Christmas Day is a peak break-up time. Our reporter has expert advice for freshly minted singletons Two's company: Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are a couple who go to great lengths to keep their lavish condo from each other after splitting in the film 'The Break-Up' Couple breaking up.

Tanya Sweeney December 14 AM.

Christmas is worst time for break-ups and failed romance | Daily Mail Online

Couple breaking up. Two's company: Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are a couple who go to great lengths to keep their lavish condo from each other after splitting in the film 'The Break-Up'. Independent Style. Katie Byrne: 'There's no such thing as a clean break in modern They say it's best to end a relationship with a clean In it for the short haul: why people are calling time on In Hollywood, they no longer say, 'don't get mad, get Also in this section. I am in my mid They say it's Ask Allison: I hate myself and can't talk about abuse in childhood Q I have been seeing a Dear Mary: My daughter hasn't spoken to me for over a year My problem is Dear Mary: I moved out because of my wife's drinking I moved out of Dear Mary: I'd like to stay friends with ex but he wants a People often Dear Mary: I can't get over the awful guilt of having sex with Tanya Sweeney: 'Beware the man who tells you he likes brains I have two Master's degrees Dear Mary: I love my husband but he's struggling in the bedroom I have been with Ask Allison: Looking after my elderly dad is taking its toll Q My father is Dear Mary: I'm terrified to meet a new man because of sex You are my very Dear Mary: My daughter refuses to accept my new partner I'm sitting here Six ways to give your sex life an autumn reboot With the