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How does it continue to reproduce the idea of a natural social hierarchy? The main problem we face in understanding race is the fixation on the biological. In fact, as Stuart Hall explains , race — a modern phenomenon that developed within the context of European colonial domination — unfurls in three stages: the religious, the cultural and the biological.

Ideas of inherent racial difference between human beings took shape during the Spanish inquisition when the notion of limpieza de sangre purity of blood was used to justify the mass expulsion or forced conversion of Jews and Muslims to Catholicism.

The Acting Life

The inference of race in human biology solidified the taxonomical systems devised and used by European anthropologists since the early 18th century. Read more: How do you talk to kids about racism? In contemporary times, the focus has turned to debunking the idea of race as a biological category. However, this narrow focus has led us to ignore the myriad other ways race takes effect.

Racism in the United States: By the Numbers

It is important to note that biological ideas of race continue to frame the work of many geneticists and medical practitioners, and that assumptions of links between intelligence and race have not faded away and have an impact on policy-making. However, we do not need to believe in biological differences between human groups for race to still have an impact. At the same time, commentators such as the British journalist David Aaronovitch , have claimed that anti-Semitism is racism because Jews can be qualified as a racial group.

This demonstrates the confusion and ideological grandstanding at play when discussing race. In fact, though distinct, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia take very similar forms. Each is based on associating all members of the religion and often the religion itself with negative assumptions about the degree of control they have in society.

Clearly, then, both are forms of racism. Race is not singular. Rather, it weaves together ideas from biology, culture, nationalism and religion to make inferences about whole populations. It is first and foremost a technique for the management of human difference that has been used by states, governments and institutions, such as the police, education, healthcare and welfare, to organise and demarcate between people.

Race can be in play even when it is disavowed because, over the course of modernity, it came to structure the relationship between Europeanness and non-Europeanness, which is often, but not always, equatable to whiteness and non-whiteness.

Ideas of race gave rise to racist ideologies, such as the idea that Europe is the pinnacle of progress and civilisation. Read more: The Herald Sun's Serena Williams cartoon draws on a long and damaging history of racist caricature. Racism is systemic. While it manifests in individual attitudes and behaviours, it is not produced by them. That is the primary reason it is so difficult to eradicate.

Exposing Bias: Racism in America | Harvard Extension

The other is its ability to constantly adapt to changing circumstances. For example, the removal of Aboriginal children from their families at unprecedented rates today does not require the openly racist language of blood quantum and improvement. Nevertheless, both the motivations for their removal — a systemic belief in the inherent inferiority of Aboriginal family structures - and the effects on children and families are the same.

Race is mobile and ever-changing. But ultimately, it serves to maintain white supremacy, at both a local and global level. Shah — Oxford, Aberdeenshire. Several Christian denominations have apologized for discriminating against people of color by supporting Jim Crow and backing slavery.

The United Methodist Church and the Southern Baptist Convention are some of the Christian organizations that have apologized for perpetuating racism in recent years. Many churches have not only apologized for alienating minority groups such as blacks but have also attempted to make their churches more diverse and appoint people of color in key roles.

Despite these efforts, churches in the U. Churches alone aren't the only entities in question here, with many individuals and business owners using religion as a reason why they feel they can deny service to certain groups.

5 Examples of Institutional Racism in the United States

A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that ten percent of Americans believe business owners have the right to deny service to black people if it falls under the umbrella of a violation of their religious beliefs. Men were more likely to support this denial of service than women, Catholics were more likely to support it than Protestants, and Hispanics stood as the biggest outlier, agreeing with the right to refuse service to blacks.

Activists, including abolitionists and suffragettes, have long had success in overturning some forms of institutional racism. A number of 21st-century social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, seek to address institutional racism across the board from the legal system to schools. Andrews, Edmund. Delmont, Matthew. Greenberg, Daniel. Tello, Monique, M. Ture, Kwame. Hamilton, Paperback, Vintage, November 10, Yan, Holly. Share Flipboard Email.

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Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Nadra Kareem Nittle has written about education, race, and cultural issues for a variety of publications including the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education and Change. Updated August 03, We all need to recognize, name, and understand these attitudes and actions.

We need to be open to identifying and controlling our own implicit biases. We need to be able to manage overt bigotry safely, learn from it, and educate others.

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These themes need to be a part of medical education, as well as institutional policy. We need to practice and model tolerance, respect, open-mindedness, and peace for each other. In Summation Activists, including abolitionists and suffragettes, have long had success in overturning some forms of institutional racism.